Death on the Nile 9xbuddy (2022)

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Name Death on the Nile
Genre Mystery/Crime
Language English
Release Date February 9, 2022
Running time 2h 7m
Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Country United States
Budget $90 million

The film of 2022, Death on the Nile was directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is inspired by Michael Green’s screenplay. Branagh, Ridley Scott and Judy Hofflund produced it. It’s a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express (2017). The film features Annette Bening and Tom Bateman. Branagh and Bateman reprise their roles from the first film of the series as Hercule Poirot and Bouc. The film is Christie’s third screen adaptation. It is a sequel to the 1978 film as well as the Agatha Christie’s Poirot episode that aired in 2004. Principal filming was shot in Longcross Studios, England in September of 2019.

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Death on the Nile 9xbuddy Review (2022)

In 1937, on holiday in Egypt, Hercule Poirot, famous detective, is asked to attend a wedding celebration which takes place during a cruise through the Nile. The tensions are high and jealousies are high. A murderer strikes, and Poirot is required to investigate the crime and find the culprit.

Based on Agatha Christie’s novel, Death on the Nile,in keeping with many excellent murder mysteries, brings together actors who play a range of characters interconnected. Each of them has doubtful loyalties and need to be deciphered to assist Poirot in solving the latest mystery. Although the film is a tangled web of murder and deceit, the most intriguing mystery is the commitment of screen time.

The moustache of Poirot is presented with an extended introduction than other characters. It takes almost an hour to solve the first crime. The sleuthing is performed quickly and leaves no satisfaction with the investigation aspect.

The investigation is a murder mystery however the build-up takes priority. Sometimes, irrelevant details distract from the main point. Even though Poirot has a moustache and has lengthy party scenes (with unlimited amounts of champagne) There are numerous discussions about the relationship between Poirot and his lover. Branagh clearly wants to provide as much information as he can. While it’s helpful to provide more details about the background of the character however, it helps to make Poirot less secluded and untrustworthy. But, the manner in which details were introduced into the film frequently made the story slow and somewhat unsettling.

Branagh evidently wanted to be as lavish and grand as he could in the sequel to the film he directed in 2017 Murder on the Orient Express. The film’s scenes are set with stunning camera angles. The gowns are decorated with champagne flows and sequins. The entire scene is in a way reminiscent of Baz Lurmann’s 2013 movie The Great Gatsby. While all the glamour and flashes do highlight the fact that the heiress could be more wealthy than the queen (quite perhaps) however, the film is a game of waiting for the moment that the murder is likely to occur swiftly.

The waiting game isn’t the only problem. It also poses the challenge of keeping everyone on the same page regarding their motives and relationships with each other. There are several accents, which include American, British, and French. Branagh is an easy-going actor, and he is a natural in the role of Poirot and appears more relaxed than his previous role. Gal Gadot portrays Linnet Ridgeway, a glamorous mysterious woman. But this time she’s ‘excessively wealthy’. It’s not hard, but she does it. Armie Hammer is Simon Doyle in the film’s principal role, which is a source of debate.

A lot of the characters supporting Gadot are not given enough focus is paid to Gadot’s glamorous, rich wealthy, and rich character. A lot of guests are left out and given very little screen time to allow them to explain their motivations and their relationships to the audience. Rose Leslie’s Louise Bourget, Ali Fazel’s Andrew Katchadourian could have benefited from some more scenes.

The competition could be making it look bad. If the film had been released in the past few years, maybe it wouldn’t have shined as brightly as the exuberant extravagance it was in the process of achieving. But, Rian Johnson’s knives Out (2019) has raised the bar in murder mysteries.

Death on the Nile is an enjoyable watch. While it is slow at first however, the film has a lot of advantages. It’s more confident than the predecessor Murder On The Orient Express. Poirot’s identity is also made clear to great credit. When the plot gets going, the suspense grows as the web of intrigue unfolds.

Death on the Nilehas some issues, but issues with pacing, casting disputes and a surprisingly overextended moustache obsession aside. Based on an extremely solid source material, the film can be a useful film that can be a useful addition to the world of crime-mystery films.

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